Terms and Conditions


arlindmurtezi.com is a company of Arlind Consulting Agency, based in Switzerland. We offer coaching services (advice to individuals, legal entities, SMEs and large companies) specifically in the field of cryptocurrencies.


Delivery and/or offer area

arlindmurtezi.com offers its services mainly in Switzerland but also in the rest of the German-speaking area (including Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg). In addition, we also make our services available to international private individuals, legal entities, SMEs and large companies who are located outside of the countries already mentioned and who speak German. English language is a possible option on condition that a translator is provided to overcome legal and understandable obstacles.



The prices of the respective service can be adjusted and thus changed at any time. After confirmation of the purchase, all prices and legal content are fixed for both parties and are therefore retrospectively unchangeable. The customer then receives the information from the General Terms and Conditions that was current at the time of purchase again by e-mail.


conclusion of contract

With the confirmation of the purchase, the contract is successfully concluded between both parties and is therefore valid. If an individual offer is purchased on request and thus confirmed after purchase, this contract between both parties is just as valid.


Course structure and level of knowledge

Courses are structured in a stair-step manner, meaning that knowledge is gradually built up to ensure that every customer, regardless of their level of knowledge, can understand everything in detail. At the end of each course, we offer each customer a test, which, after passing the test, receives a personal certificate and thus certifies their level of knowledge.



The certificate confirms the knowledge gained from the respective course. It makes it easier to understand the various areas of cryptocurrencies and greatly reduces the risk. This certificate is only valid for our platform and is therefore officially (currently October 30, 2023) not applicable outside of this platform.


information in the contract

All necessary information from both parties must be visible in the contract.

Necessary information is:

  • (First and) last name / company name
  • Residence (country, address)
  • Private / business email address



"arlindmurtezi.com", "Arlind Murtezi", "Arlind Asip Murtezi" and all other persons who are the owners of this service and website assume no liability for any damage which is in any way related to our services and/or has arisen are.